Posted by: rachelbarnes | August 9, 2008


I had the joy of picking fresh blackberries the other day.  There was something so fun and freeing about hand picking blackberries.  I loved eating some as I picked, it made me feel like a little girl, as my hands became stained purple.  I thought it was funny how we’re so use to buying food at the store, the difference in fresh organic food that you hold in your hands.  I ended up picking a couple of gallons of berries.  What am I going to do with them (you ask)?  Well besides eat them one by one, I think I’m going to make a dessert with them involving phyllo dough.  Maybe I’ll make some fresh blackberry jam.  The possibilities are endless….



  1. Ah yes, there is something so primitive, so simple about picking berries. Wish I knew where to find some in my area…

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