Posted by: rachelbarnes | August 11, 2008

Wax seal gift wrapping

This is a picture of a birthday gift I recently gave.  I had a wax seal and monogram kit.  I used the idea of wax sealing a ribbon wrapped around the gift and used the head of a phillips screw instead of the monogram letter stamp.  The wax came in the kit as a square “candle” of wax.  You light the wick and drip the wax onto the object you’re wanting to seal.  Typically, once you drip the wax, you press the wax seal stamp on top of the wax.  You can use other objects to seal the wax such as rubber stamps or anything else you find around the house (or garage).  I haven’t explored much other then the phillips screw, but I thought I’d share this idea for gift packaging.


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