Posted by: rachelbarnes | August 18, 2008

Candle recycling

I know this isn’t the most exciting of pictures, glass with white on white on white, but I’ll share the idea I’ve been inspired with recently.  We got a candle warmer with the idea of continuing to enjoy candles once the wick has been depleted and I discovered a recycling idea through the wax warmer.  Dump out the warm wax, once the scent is gone from the remaining amount of wax, and use the glass jars for craft material storage or to contain a gift you’re giving to someone else.  To “re-gift” the jar you’ll have to consider the scent will remain in the glass, so using the glass jar to house gifted food items would not be the best, but a handmade fabric gift or paper item would work great with the jars.  I have to be careful and not share too much as I’m using this idea for some Christmas gifts this year, so enjoy the general idea for now for your own exploration.

Continuing in this idea, repurposing packaging is a creative way to house gifts.  I know there are a lot of ideas out there on many crafting blogs to repurpose packaging.  I’ve just recently started getting into the repurposing idea myself.

Here is a picture of a container once holding scrapbooking ribbon that I’m going to repurpose into a container for a future gift.  I’m going to soak the lid of the package in water to remove the sticker and make the container a fresh canvas for me to work with.


I’m reading a neat book I got at the library called Simply Green Giving by Danny Seo.  I’ll share some ideas in the future from Danny’s book in my blog for some neat “green” gift packaging.



  1. Good recycling ideas!

    I like reading Danny Seo’s articles in Country Home. His blog is

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