Posted by: rachelbarnes | August 21, 2008

Green giving ideas…

This is a continuation of the last post, sharing ideas from Danny Seo’s book, Simply Green giving (see a link from my last post).

The first idea I wanted to share is called Ribbon Memory balls.  You use a Styrofoam ball with pins and use ribbon remnants from gifts opened at special occasions, a child’s birthday, baby shower, wedding shower, etc.  The result is reusing ribbon for a neat accent from a special occasion.

The next idea uses electrical tape woven around brown paper grocery bags for a Burberry inspired decoration to wrap a gift.

The next idea, I think I’ll use for some Christmas gifts this year.  I may not use wood-grained contact paper, but I like the idea of reusing food tins to wrap gifts.

I loved this idea!  Using potato chip bags to wrap gifts.  Danny suggests to wash the bags before using.  The bags are turned inside out so the nice silver material is on the outside of the package.

This picture has some great ideas for those of you (like me) that have family out of town to send gifts to.  Peanuts are cheap and make a neat second gift for someone to enjoy eating.  The cotton packaging can be used from an old pillow.  If you like the straw idea, leftover straw can be used to mulch your garden.  I like to use shredded paper from our paper shredder or plastic grocery bags to cushion non-holiday gifts.

The last is called holiday card branch display.  I liked the idea of using tree branches from your backyard (if you have a backyard) for winter decorating.   Definitely a fun way to bring in a bit of the earth in the home for those with a black thumb.



  1. I really like the packaging ideas. I could use these for my business as I do a lot of shipping.

  2. Yeah, I remember seeing that photo of packaging ideas in an article he did for Country Home, or some other magazine. I love all his ideas you’ve posted here, Rachel!

    Another idea: I love to horde pretty tissue paper I receive in gift bags… but then it’s usually too crumpled to look nice re-used for someone else’s gift. So I like to shred it (in the paper shredder) for packaging.

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