Posted by: rachelbarnes | September 22, 2008

gift packaging and knit/crochet altered supplies…

I’m so sorry for the delay between this post and my last post.  My desktop computer is slowly crashing, so I’m modifying my posting process (using a work laptop instead).  I’m in process of knitting a baby hat and altering a chalkboard paint\labeling idea that I’ll share about both in a future post.

For now, I wanted to share some ideas from yet again, library books that I’ve been reading through (and they are due back to the library soon, by the way).

This first book is called Creative and Thoughtful Gift Giving.

I loved this first idea.  Although I’m not planning on making any earrings as gifts this year for Christmas, I loved the packaging idea.  I do have ALOT of extra tulle that I’ve saved from wedding gifts.

I thought this next idea was a cute one for a bridal shower gift (for packaging the gift).  The gift idea also included a lavendar sachet as well. 

I liked this idea, not as much for an anniversary gift, but more so for my scrapbooking hobby.  Each year shown includes one memory for that year.  I’m planning a scrapbook that I’d like to do for each of my wedding anniversaries (my first one was this year).  I enjoy capturing memories in scrapbooking, but not getting overwhelmed, feeling like I have to capture EVERY DETAIL in a scrapbook.

I have a lot of baby showers coming up for my pregnant friends.  I thought this was a really cute idea for packaging.  Of course baby items are cute now matter how they are given.



The next book is called Uncommon Crochet.  I’m a knitter, not a crocheter, but I loved some ideas in this book for interesting materials to use for projects, other then yarn.

This picture shows a project using raffia.  I’ve used raffia before to adorn a gift or two, but I hadn’t thought to try it as a knitted bag.  I also liked using variated colors of the raffia for the stripes shown.

This next idea uses house hold twine as a bag project.  I loved how organic this bag looks.  The black stripes in the bag are made with fabric strips (shown in the next picture).


This next picture shows the same twine idea, only it uses the twine as panels including fabric squares, for a softer look (can you tell I’m in the mood to make some homemade bags??)


This last idea uses leather cord to make a bag.  I love the look of leather but the added detail of the red color.  I may make this bag this winter to display some of my yarn stash.


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