Posted by: rachelbarnes | September 29, 2008

organizing my fabric stash with chalkboard paint…

I’m excited to share my latest project with you!  I’ve found a lot of inspiration lately from other crafty blogs relating to organizing.  A theme I’ve enjoyed as well is, use what you have.  This theme is challenging for me as I have a habit of starting projects first with an idea and then buying new supplies every time instead of seeing first what supplies I already have then create a project with those same supplies.  I think of it as reverse engineering, working backwards from a project by the supplies.  It’s amazing how much you can really do with what you already have (even with food items already in your pantry).   I followed this theme for my drawstring backpack project, all fabric I that already owned.

I bought this wire drawer unit a couple of years ago and it’s really worked well for me for my fabric organization.  My husband helped me cut a piece of wood to fit the open top as an extra flat surface and I covered it with fabric.

To sort my fabric (I’ve never sorted my fabric before, so fun!!) the majority of the categories were by color, although I did make a few exceptions and organized by “baby fabric” and “clothing fabric”.  For the most part, the color theme was really helpful.  Here is a picture of my drawer unit (pre-labels). 


I started to create printed labels, but I realized that my fabric stash is ever changing.  I went out and got some chalkboard paint (knowing I can continue to use the rest of the can of chalkboard paint for other Christmas gift ideas).  I took some scrap wood and made chalkboard labels that are erasable as my fabric stash changes with use.


Some tips for working with chalkboard paint (things I would do differently next time).  Make SURE the suface you’re working with is very smooth.  On the scrap wood, I painted one layer of primer, sanded with medium grade sandpaper over the primer to smooth the surface, and then painted two layers of the chalkboard paint.  I think next time I would use multiple grades of sandpaper to smooth the wood and spend more time on that step.  You can see little lines through the chalk as I wrote.

Does anyone have any chalk board paint projects they’d like to share?



  1. looks great! i need to organize my stuff, but don’t know where to start!

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