Posted by: rachelbarnes | November 1, 2008

baby booties, felt pattern & holiday traditions exchange

Alas, I have not done the crafting lately that I have wanted to.  The crafting I have enjoyed a few weeks ago was for a baby shower for a good friend of mine.  I loved providing the items in a gift basket instead of a giftbag to be a little “greener” (no packaging to throw away).  This is a picture of the finished basket (and she loved the basket, by the way, yeah!)


I came across this pattern from HellomynameisHeather  in which I made a pair of the baby booties with the gift.  I found the pattern extremely helpful in putting the booties together.  I rarely hand sew anymore, so this was fun for me to put together.

The Holidays are coming!!!

 I am very, very excited to try something new this year.  Sewliberated is hosting a holiday traditions exchange and I’m excited to be a part of it!  Click on the box below for more information.  It looks like a good excuse to do some holiday crafting for fun, and meet someone new at the same time.  I’ll post what I put together to send out to my exchange person and I’ll also post what I receive.  If you’re doing this exchange as well, let me know.

Holiday Traditions Exchange 2008



  1. great job on the booties! they look so cute.

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