Posted by: rachelbarnes | November 13, 2008

felt laptop bag

So I’m going on a trip for work this week and I need a padded laptop case, so I’m re-purposing an old sweater for a quick case. 

This sweater is special to me as I wore it all through high school.  I’m excited to repurpose this sweater that I don’t wear anymore into a laptop case I can use.

First I felted the sweater in the wash (wash a wool sweater on the hottest water with a tablespoon or so of dish wash liquid and tennis balls).  I bought a bunch of wool sweaters for $1 each at the end of the season last year in thrift stores, so I felted around 8 sweaters together.  You may have to wash the sweater two or three times, depending on how tight of a felt you like.  I compared the sweater post-felt to the laptop dimensions I would need, to get an idea for the rectangle to sew.  I started out by cutting off the arms of the sweater.



I then turned the sweater inside out, sewed up the sides of the sweater and bottom straight across in a zig zag stitch (to make a box shape)

This is the finished product.




The longest step in this process was washing the sweater.  Yeah for quick projects!!


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