Posted by: rachelbarnes | January 4, 2009

2009 new word

A new look for a new year, I enjoyed updating the look of my blog to bring in the new year.  I’m feeling inspired this year to join Ali Edwards one word challenge.  The thought of reflecting on one word for many different goals is very exciting to me.

I’m challenging myself with two words.  One word for my spiritual side and another for my art side.

My spiritual word for 2009 is love.  I feel drawn to step outside myself more this year to give to others of my time and talents, even when it isn’t an easy thing for me to do.  I’ve felt very selfish these past six months, very “me” focused, so I look forward to giving more to people that I know and don’t know that are in need.

My word for my art side for 2009 is create.  I want to make time to create, something I love to do.  I also want to include in this challenge to use what I have.  I want to springboard creativity from using what I already own instead of continuing to buy new supplies (unless absolutely and utterly necessary).  I’ll need to find inspiration for projects based on what I already own instead of solely from the idea.  So I hope to share new crafts and creations that come from my create goal for this year.



  1. Yes, I need to use what I have too. That’s a good one.

    Great words to focus yourself with. Not sure about my art side but for my spiritual side, the word for me is “FILL.” Be filled and fill others. Fill others so I can be filled up again.

    Came here via Vintage Songbird. I’m always drawn to other “Rachels” in the blogworld.

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