Posted by: rachelbarnes | February 3, 2009

knitting a baby kimono preemie sweater

Yikes, has it really been a month since I’ve last posted?  Shame on me.  I have been doing a lot of crafting in the mean time, believe it or not.  My craft of choice this month has been knitting.  In fact, I’ve been knitting ALOT over the past couple of months.  So much that I had to get a pair of these for both wrists:


Yes, wrist braces.  Don’t feel sorry for me, though.  I can still knit, write, and do most things with them on.  I’m trying to wear them for a week to see if the aching in my wrists goes away.  I think I knitted too close to my body, straining my wrists.  I’m wearing the braces for a week so I should be back to “normal” soon.  Yes, it is embarrassing to share at work that I strained my wrists knitting, not through bowling (as I’m not a bowler).

What have I been knitting? (you might ask).  Well, I’ll show you,


This is my first ever baby sweater.  It’s a kimono sweater I made for a little preemie girl that came into this world in December (not my own baby, but the baby to a sister of a good friend of mine).  From this experience, I have developed a heart for the preemie babies in this world.  It is VERY difficult to find clothing for them.  It was a joy to create a customized wool sweater to keep little Lillie warm.  I actually took a kimono sweater pattern and modified it for a preemie.  It was fun creating my own knitted pattern in this process.  I usually find a pattern and stick to it, so diverging away from the original pattern into my own pattern was quite fun.  The original pattern I worked off of had an eyelet detail so I added my own twist to weave the ribbon through the eyelet for the kimono ties.  I’ll have to come back and post the pattern directions.  I’ve already given the sweater away, so I’m going back through my notes to speak to the pattern directions.

Here are some more pictures of the sweater.


And here is a picture of the outfit I put together for the gift.  I had a lot of fun with this one.


More crafting to come.  I have a lot of friends having babies this spring, so I’m enjoying the excuse to make gifts.



  1. Hope your wrists get better. I had some wrist issues when I was knitting a simple baby blanket.

    The baby kimono is darling. Kimono style shirts are soooo much easier putting on babies. Well that’s my opinion. I hated struggling with my babies just to put a shirt on over there huge infant heads. =)

  2. Very cute, love the ribbon.

  3. Poor thing! I had the same thing from crocheting. Nice Preemie Sweaters, well worth the pain. My son was a preemie and now is doing well. Every year we do a ‘Made for a Miracle’ drive for our local NICU’s. If you are interested and feel up to it, please email me.

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