Posted by: rachelbarnes | February 14, 2009

crafting with what you own, Craftypod podcast

So I’ve recently discovered the free podcasts out there that are available through the ITunes Store (yes, I know, I’m a little behind the times just now discovering podcasts, when they’ve been available for awhile now). Anyways, I’m LOVING these podcasts!!!  Little did I know that podcasts are out there for free that I can download for yet another resource for great inspiration!!  


The podcast I’d like to share today is for green ideas, using materials that you already have. I LOVED this podcast from Craftypod and I wanted to share it with you.  I’ve felt the same way as Diane shares in her podcast, a desire to use the materials that I already own to create instead of consistently buying new.  I LOVED this podcast to hear of other fellow crafters that have felt the same way as I do.  She brought up an interesting topic as well to try and support local crafters while also using what you have.  I’ll let you listen to the podcast. 


I was also inspired from this podcast to start documenting crafting items I already own to encourage the “use what you have” philosophy.  I’ll have to share in a future post my current craft material inventory pics for an encouragment to use what you have.


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