Posted by: rachelbarnes | February 16, 2009

easy Valentine brownie cupcake idea

So I LOVED this idea from Martha Stewart, but I wanted to put my own twist on it.  I made this as a part of my Valentine’s gift to my husband this year.

So, I purchased a box of Ghiradelli double fudge brownies from my local grocery store.  The brownie box came with a fudge packet to ice the top of the brownies (or cupcakes in my case), so that was a bonus!  I also purchased a bar of Ghiradelli white chocolate.  The brownie mix was easy to throw together and I was able to get 12 brownies from one box.  The quantity of brownies were perfect for us because if I have sweets in our house I will always eat them up.  Not having dozens and dozens of brownie cupcakes in the house is a good thing.

The back of the box did not give directions to make brownie cupcakes, so I improvised.  I baked the brownie cupcakes at the recommended oven  temperature for a square pan and started the timer at 30 min.  I watched the brownies and added more baking time as necessary until the cupcakes were completely done (doing the toothpick test at the center of the brownie cupcakes to check doneness).

Once the brownie cupcakes cooled, I iced them with the fudge frosting.  I actually baked the brownie cupcakes the night before Valentine’s Day and iced them the morning of Valentine’s Day.  If I did this recipe again, I would ice the cupcakes when they’re still warm, not hot, so the icing would be more shiny. 

I melted the white chocolate bar in the microwave by breaking up the chocolate bar and microwaving in 10 second increments, stirring in between, until the chocolate was melted.

I then put the melted white chocolate in a zip lock bag and I sealed the bag.  I then cut off a teeny bit of the one of bottom corners of the bag.  This allowed me to pipe the chocolate onto the brownie cupcakes for the words.


I didn’t really plan what I was going to write onto the cupcakes until I started piping the white chocolate.  I tried to recall as I piped what the little Necco hearts have printed on them and wrote away in white chocolate.  The cupcakes were YUMMY and really easy to make.


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