Posted by: rachelbarnes | February 25, 2009

Sew a little baby doll

So I’ve been working on making a baby doll from a Martha Stewart pattern for a friend of mine’s little girl.  Check out the pattern, it’s fun and easy to follow!

A good friend of mine recently had a little baby boy, and I wanted to include in her gift package a little gift for her four year old daughter (as I know it’s hard when only “little brother” gets the gifts).  This doll was actually my all day project during an ice storm/snow day we had in January when I got to stay home from work.

One tip I would share, make a second version of the doll head to practice on before you make the actual doll’s head.  To me, the head was the hardest part in making the doll, getting the facial features to look right and to make the hair look real.  This is my practice doll head:

practice-doll-headFor the head, I used a t-shirt material from cotton cleaning rags I had around the house (don’t worry, this cotton rag was brand new).  A regular white t-shirt would work just fine.  For the eyes and mouth, I used brown and red heavy duty thread.  For the hair I used brown Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for the hair (what I had in my yarn stash).

Here is a picture of the finished doll.  The body of the doll was from an old sheet a friend of mine gave me.  I believe the sheet is originally from the 70’s or 80’s.  I love the colors!!  Especially the little blue and orange butterfly.  For the practice head, I unwound the yarn.  That made the doll’s hair look a little wavy, so I decided to leave the yarn as is for my finished doll since the actual little girl has very straight hair.


Here is a close up picture of the corduroy jacket.  It’s my favorite part of the doll.  When I was younger, I loved taking clothes off and putting them back onto my dolls.  For that reason, I thought a little jacket would be fun.


Here is a picture of the little girl wearing her jacket.


To make the jacket, I took the top part of the body from the pattern, and traced the shape onto the corduroy material.  I then cut the material slightly bigger then the pattern, maybe 1/4″-1/2″ bigger.

She looks kind of angry in the pictures, but I did have her mouth turned as a half circle for a small smiley face, so the frown is probably the camera angle.  This little girl was quite fun to make.  I made the doll with the actual little girl in mind, trying to match her hair color, hair length, and eye color to the doll.  I’d enjoy making another doll in the future to give as a gift, but I think I’d enjoy  making the next doll with a different personality.

If you make one of these dolls, please post your comments and a picture in the comments.  I’d love to see other dolls that were made from this pattern with different personalities.



  1. You never cease to amaze me! You are so gosh darn crafty. : )

  2. What a great gift! She will love it! And little brother will love taking it away in a couple of years! =)

    Your practice face looks great too. Good job on your first go around.

  3. she looks so cute! i attempted to make gracie a doll for christmas. maybe i’ll have it done by her birthday in july! (with help from you!!!)

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