Posted by: rachelbarnes | April 26, 2009

Ravelry merged into my craft space

Organization at home does not always come naturally to me. I think  I really enjoy being unstructured and free in my crafting time and in my crafting space. These are great things (being unstructured and free) but I have found that I have WAY TOO MANY craft supplies that I keep buying for new projects and not using up (and a little more organization would do me some good).

Here are some pictures of my craft supply armoire:

The clear bins below are egg bins I got for free that I use for my organization.

The top drawer of the armoire contains future gifts I’m going to give, items I’ve bought ahead of time for someone as a gift or items I’ve made for a future gift (I don’t do as good of a job remembering what I have, so I’m hoping my craft list can be a part of writing down what I have and for whom).

The bottom drawer contains craft supplies I’ve saved to use for future projects.

I’d also like to share some pictures of my craft space.  It’s messy, but here it is:

My button storage.  I’ve been organizing my buttons into jars, and just recently added a jar for button sets.  The button sets are now ready for finished knitted or sewing projects.

The license plate in this picture is from my first car.  I’m excited to find a fun project to use it.

This is a basket I keep out for knitting projects I have in progress.  I’ve learned keeping my knitting out, I’ll pick it up more often and work on my projects.

This is my yarn stash.  I’m happy to say I’ve been making large dents in my stash by using up the yarn for projects or giving yarn away.

I recently added hooks to the back of my closet doors for added storage.  The grass bag was made by a New Zealand gal I met through a Christmas craft swap last year.

This is my sewing/scrapbook storage in my closet.

These are my inspiration boards on my closet doors.  I made them with foam core boards covered with paper.  The paper is Martha Stewart brand paper from Michael’s.

This is my IKEA inspiration board near my desk.  You can never have too many spaces for inspiration.

On a related note, I’ve fallen in love with the knitting craftspace, ravelry.  I love the community aspect, seeing what other people are knitting and getting tips from them on things they’ve learned or changed in patterns and sharing my experiences as well.

I’m merging these two topics to share an idea I came up with.  Since I’ve loved ravelry so much, I though I’d incorporate the yarn stash concept into my craft supplies and craft project queue.

I’m really amazed at how many craft supplies I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ve found a new creative challenge in my crafting life to work backwards on crafts.  Instead of seeing a new project idea and then buying the supplies I need for that project, I’m exploring first seeing the craft supplies I already own, and using those to create a new project.

I’ve posted a picture of examples of this idea.  I used Microsoft excel.  I used both numbers and letters for a general order as to when I’d like to do certain projects before other ones.

I also added a sheet showing a craft project list I’ve started.

I must say, since I’ve put this together, it’s really helped me get more done then before.  I’ve had some misc. craft projects laying around that I finally completed and can enjoy.  I’ll share some pictures of my projects in a future post.

Please feel free to use these ideas (if you’d like) for your own craft organization.  If you’ve found other tips and ways to semi-organize your crafting life, please share in a comment.


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