Posted by: rachelbarnes | September 21, 2009

Update, success with acrylic fabric stamping

It’s been too long since I’ve last posted.  Oddly enough I’ve been too busy creating things and enjoying life to take time to write on my blog (I’m going to work on finding a better schedule to regularly share updates instead of just fitting it in).

I have great news, referencing the last post I had with fabric stamping that was a mini-disaster (when the paint washed out after the first time in the washing machine).  I recently tried fabric painting again and it worked out well!!

I decided to try painting a onesee as a baby gift for an upcoming baby shower.  I first washed the onesee to get the sizing out of it and to pre-shrink it.

I had this stamp I bought on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  For this project you could use one of your own linolium block stamps that you’ve carved (which I plan to try in the future).

I decided to paint the flower purple, so I mixed half of the liquitex fabric medium with half of some purple acrylic paint I had in my stash (any acrylic paint will do).  The total amount mixed was probably the size of a nickel.  Once I mixed the two together, I used a brayer and rolled the paint onto the stamp.

Here is the painted onesee before washing (sorry it’s a little blurry).

Now the MOMENT of TRUTH, I followed the directions on the liquitex website (I waited 4 days before washing, washed the onesee inside out and let air dry).

Here is the onesee after washing, it looks the same as before I washed it!  Before I washed the onesee, I added a leaf and stem and I touched up the flower.

I was pretty excited about this.  Especially since I can use acrylic paints for more then just painting on paper.  If you’ve never tried this before yourself, check it out, it’s a LOT of fun!

I recently just checked out a book at the library, Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules with Fabric.  It’s really cool, it encourages you to experiment with different techniques to manipulate fabric.  I’m excited to do some experimenting with it, check it out!



  1. I will have to check out this fabric medium of which you speak. It looks really neat!

    Also, since I noticed on Ravelry, happy birthday!

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