Repurpose clothing for maternity-tutorial links

I’ve had a LOT of friends lately that are pregnant.  As a result I have had a LOT of fun sewing and knitting baby items as gifts for them.  I had the fun project for one friend of mine to research on-line cost effective/Eco ways to re-purpose your current clothing into maternity clothing.  I’m sharing this page with links to other ladies blogs and tutorials with some great ideas!!

Modify jeans to maternity pants:

Modify shirts to materinity shirts (longer length):

Modify a larger skirt to an adjustable skirt for maternity wear: um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive

Cute maternity skirt:

Reconstructing one shirt and fabric into a maternity “smock”:

Skirt altering for maternity wear:

Shirt wrap modification for nursing:

If you’ve found other clothing reconstruction ideas for maternity clothing, send me a link to add as a comment.


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